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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use


The data (i.e., first name, last name, street address, city, state, telephone numbers, e-mail address, credit card type, credit card account number and credit card validation value/validation code/identification number) (collectively, the "Data") which you furnish to Frank Family Vineyards in connection with your on-line order(s) (collectively, the "Order") to purchase wine or other products may be transmitted by Frank Family to any of its various departments and divisions or any other fulfillment-type entities with which Frank Family Vineyards may elect to work (individually and collectively, the "Fulfillment House"), for the sole intended purpose of effectuating the transaction for the sale and delivery to you of wine or other products.

The data you furnish to Frank Family Vineyards, either as part of a purchase or to be added to a mailing or wine club list, will not be shared, sold or transmitted to other parties without your express permission except (a) to comply with any applicable laws or regulations or (b) to protect the rights, property or safety of Frank Family Vineyards, you or any third party(ies) (e.g., entities involved with the protection against credit card fraud or the reduction of credit risks; etc.).

In a good-faith effort to prevent any unauthorized access to, or any undue disclosure(s) of, any of the Data which you furnish to Frank Family Vineyards pursuant to the Order, Frank Family Vineyards will store such Data solely in an electronic format in a secure database known and available exclusively to Frank Family Vineyards. Frank Family Vineyards respectfully requests that you immediately notify Frank Family Vineyards, via an e-mail message to info@frankfamilyvineyards.com, of any such instance(s) of unauthorized access or undue disclosure of such Data which you may discover. In each such instance so reported to Frank Family Vineyards, Frank Family Vineyards will exert all commercially reasonable efforts to resolve satisfactorily the concerns expressed in your notification to Frank Family Vineyards.

If you are under eighteen (18) years of age, you may use this web site only if you obtain the express advance consent and continuing active involvement of a parent or guardian.

Notwithstanding anything contained herein, under no circumstances shall you be permitted to place an Order to purchase wine or any other products through this web site unless you have reached your twenty-first (21st) birthday by no later than that date on which you attempt to place such Order. Frank Family Vineyards, or any agency or representative acting on its behalf (each, an “Order-Taker”), reserves the right (i) to require objective documentary evidence that you have attained such minimum age as a condition precedent to accepting and processing an Order and (ii) to refuse to accept and process an Order if the Order-Taker determines (in its sole discretion) that it does not possess sufficient objective, documentary evidence verifying that you have attained such minimum age."
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