Celebrating Earth Day at Frank Family Vineyards

In 2015 and 2017, we at Frank Family were proud to have received our Napa Green Certification for both Land and Winery. Since today is Earth Day, we thought we would share a little bit of information on how we serve the land and the community we love so much with our vineyard and winery practices.

The Napa Green program was founded in the early 2000s as a collaboration between vintners, growers, environmental groups and regulators as a way to go above and beyond existing environmental regulations and to have a meaningful impact on the health and sustainability of the Napa River watershed. Since the first property certification in 2004, over 40% of all the vineyard land in Napa County is now certified. In 2008, the Napa Green Winery program was developed to further the community’s dedication to sustainability and now more than 7 million cases of wine are produced from Napa Green Wineries annually.

Frank Family is thrilled to adhere to these high standards of sustainability, because we believe cultivating the heritage of the land is one reason why our wine expresses consistent quality. Rich Frank founded our winery with the intention to build a legacy to leave for generations to come, and this will only be possible if we continue to honor the biodiversity of the environment.

What is the difference between the land and winery programs, you ask? Keep reading…

Napa Green Land

Land owners in the Napa Green Certified Land program assess all aspects of their property including farming practices, roads, and waterways. Following an evaluation, land owners implement measures to retain soils and prevent erosion, identify and reduce harmful inputs and runoff, conserve water resources and restore wildlife habitats to protect biodiversity we hold so dear.

Napa Green Land members ensure the health and prosperity of their piece of Napa Valley’s ecosystem by developing a tailored conservation plan after undergoing an evaluation. Napa Green Land takes a holistic approach to sustainability by implementing best practices across an entire property. Farm plans are facilitated and audited by the Fish Friendly Farming and LandSmart programs.

Napa Green Winery

The Napa Green Winery program expands on the long-term perspective of the land program, with a focus on crafting quality wines while conserving water and energy, and reducing waste. Napa Green wineries—after undergoing an assessment of the wine production process by evaluating the various resources it takes to produce and distribute wine—implement over 100 measures that go beyond compliance to conserve resources, prevent waste, and increase operational efficiency—all while engaging employees on the path to winery sustainability.

Wineries receive the certification from the Napa County Department of Public Works and the California Green Business Program.

What are you doing this Earth Day? We encourage you to use not only Earth Day, but every day, to do your part to help our planet thrive.

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