Employee Spotlight: Jett Tarvid

I’ve always loved helping people and making them happy,” says Jett, Frank Family’s Wine Educator of two years. This strong desire to help others inspired Jett to join the junior firefighter program in high school and later to enroll in the Schell-Vista Firefighter One Academy in Sonoma County. While he loved the excitement of being a firefighter, Jett’s time at the station surprisingly sparked a different passion. He discovered his love of wine and hospitality because of the joy it brought him and others. Jett now spends his days educating and entertaining guests with delicious wine and captivating stories in the Frank Family tasting room.

What is your favorite part about working in the Frank Family tasting room?

Definitely my team. They make the working environment fun every day. It’s like having a second family and the comradery we share reminds me of my firehouse days.

Were you a fan of Frank Family before working here?

Yes! Frank Family has been a favorite winery of mine for years. I actually grew up visiting the winery with my parents who have been in the wine club for over 10 years. I would always join my parents for tastings at Frank Family and use their member discount, and now they use mine!

What is your go-to Frank Family wine?

The RHF Cabernet Sauvignon. It is rich and expressive, while smooth and approachable. The nuance of baking spice and Rutherford minerality often have me calling it the “cowboy in a glass.”

What’s a goal you hope to achieve in your career?

A big goal I have for myself is to open a cidery/apple orchard in Napa Valley! Working at Frank Family and learning the tips of the trade brings me one step closer to making that a reality someday.

When you are not working, where can we find you?

I love to spend my time being active. I’m either at the indoor rock-climbing gym, Rockzilla in Napa, hiking the trails in Yosemite, or at the beach. I also love to travel and have visited almost every country in Europe as well as South Asia and Australia. I’m hoping a trip to the Caribbean is in my near future!