Our Favorite Cheeses & Charcuterie to Pair with Wine

What makes a great cheese board? Is it the perfectly positioned cluster of grapes, or a hard-to-find quince jelly from New Zealand? We think it comes down to one thing and one thing only: if the wines pair well with what’s on the board. Below are a few of our favorite cheese and charcuterie to pair with wine. Cheers!

Cana de Cabra + Sparkling Wine

Goat cheese from the mountainous region of southeastern Spain, Cana de Cabra is fresh and bright with an edible rind. High acidity complements a hint of tangy cream and gives way to a lemony finish. We pair this mildly creamy goat cheese with our 2010 Lady Edythe to create textural juxtaposition while maintaining purity of flavor. The fine, delicate bubbles and graceful acidity of the wine cut through the cheese’s richness to create perfect balance, yet both the cheese and wine express soft, citrusy flavors.

Teleme + Reserve Chardonnay

Native to California, Franklin’s teleme cow’s milk cheese is rich and creamy, but mild in flavor. We pair teleme with our 2015 Lewis Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay because its mouthfilling richness delivers elegant acidity mid-palate—a perfect match for creamier textured cheeses and dishes.

Prosciutto + Reserve Zinfandel

This air-cured, slightly salted Italian ham is a starter course staple. Its sweet-and-salty richness is never overpowering, and the thin slices of perfectly lean meat are marbled with just the right amount of fat to balance our Reserve Zinfandel’s acidity. Prosciutto enhances the wine’s acidity and bold fruit—its curing process creates layers of flavor that pair nicely with Zinfandel’s massive fruit component, pepper nuances, and barrel spice.

Fuet + Cabernet Sauvignon

Fuet is a Spanish salami from the Catalan region is flavored with garlic and peppercorn. Its density and complexity make it a perfect match for our 2014 Rutherford Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine’s black fruits and velvety tannins create a majestic contrast to the sausage’s savory flavors.

Grana Padano + Cabernet Blend

Semi-aged for 20 months to perfection, Grana Padano shares its origin with Parmigiana, and has a similar dense, grainy texture and sweet richness with nutty flavors. Our Winston Hill Red Wine has a sturdy get graceful tannic structure, and Grana Padano’s subtle saltiness and creamy protein work well to neutralize the wine’s tannins.

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