Our Favorite Springtime Food and Wine Pairings


The word alone evokes images of growth. Buds are bursting, flowers are blooming, and new foods are coming into season! But how do you pair these foods with wine? We’re here to help!

Paella + Brut Rose

There are few things we at Frank Family love more than celebrating the season with Gerard’s Paella. Spicy, flavorful, and oh-so fun, Paella is the perfect spring dish. The perfect paella wine? Brut Rosé. Fruity flavors, spiced undertones, and a fresh, zesty finish are simply perfect complements to this festive Spanish dish.

Pasta Primavera + Blanc de Blancs

One of the best parts of spring? When the sun shines late into the evening. These long, bright evenings beg for quick dinners filled with the bounty of the season that can be whipped up quickly and enjoyed outside. Pasta Primavera literally means spring pasta—so we think it fits the bill. A no-nonsense and fresh dish like this one deserves a fresh and joyful wine. Pop a bottle of Blanc de Blancs—the subtle citrus flavors and balanced acidity in this wine mesh perfectly with the lemon zest and crisp fresh veggies in the dish.

Root Vegetables + Zinfandel

Spring root veggies include carrots, beets, and bell peppers—and all three are delicious when roasted and slathered in spices. Root vegetables are fabulous vessels for trying out new, exotic spices such as masala spice blends and turmeric or also just your usual salt and pepper. But regardless of which spice you choose, Zinfandel promises to harmonize with these roasted vegetables. The hints of baking spice and pepper in our wine are just the common thread you need to enhance your favorite root vegetable dish.

Fruit + Late Harvest Chardonnay

A good rule of thumb is to always choose a wine sweeter than whatever sweet food you are serving. This holds true if the sweet food in question is seasonal gems like strawberries, oranges, or kiwi. Our Late Harvest Chardonnay is the perfect, floral, fruity, high acid wine to partner with a fruity dish.

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