Our Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Wine and Food Pairings

While a certain Irish stout may grace the glasses of almost everyone this St. Patrick’s day, we at Frank Family are all for equal opportunities. We put together a list of wines that we think pair best with the Irish dishes you might be lucky enough to indulge in this St. Patrick’s day.

Sparkling Brut Rosé

Famously difficult to pair with wine, cabbage is the nemesis of wine experts all over the globe and the culinary core of St. Patrick’s day. Soft, luxurious texture combined with zesty acidity and fine bubbles, and filled with tropical fruit and citrus flavors aplenty, our Brut Rosé is perfect wine for harder-to-pair foods. The bright, fruit-forwardness of the wine in your glass will balance the sometimes bitter cabbage-and-beef on your plate.

Lewis Vineyard Chardonnay

Our Lewis Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay plays the perfect foil for the potatoes you serve on this lucky holiday. Whether they are scalloped or mashed, the acidity of the wine balances the density of the starch, and the richness of the wine harmonizes perfectly with the butter on top. We’re already drooling.

Reserve Zinfandel

The bold flavors in traditional St. Patrick’s day dishes beg for a wine to stand up to these flavors. Our Reserve Zinfandel is up to the challenge with its abundance of black fruit, red fruit, and savory herbs laced with hints of toast and spice. Juicy fruit flavors, grainy tannins, and a robust mouthfeel, our Zinfandel is the perfect partner for a pile of Irish fare.

Petite Sirah

Kidney pie, a hearty, earthy and delicious meal, requires a wine of equal bulk. Our S&J Vineyard Reserve Petite Sirah has the power and tannic structure to cut through the fat and balance the protein in the pot pie, while its earthy, herbal minerality meshes well with the flavors in the kidney pie.

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