Thanksgiving Favorites: Frank Family Style

From our table, to yours.

Choosing the right wine to serve at your Thanksgiving dinner can be an intimidating task. Our best advice? Keep it simple. We’ve done the work for you and paired Thanksgiving classics with Frank Family wines with the hope that with every bite and sip, you can get a taste of fall in wine country.

The Savory

In our opinion, turkey and all the fixings has a soulmate, and it’s our sparkling Rouge. This wine has everything your turkey, mashed potato and stuffing wants. This sparkling wine is made with mostly Pinot Noir fruit and has more skin contact than the other sparkling wines, giving the wine a dark rose color. The high acid and bubbles make this a refreshing pairing to the richness of everything, and is not tannic so can pair with the sweet items on the dish—cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, etc. This is a turkey-plate pleaser!

Baby kale, roasted beet, pumpkin seed, and goat cheese salad tossed with a simple vinaigrette (or some good old fashioned olive oil and balsamic!) is excellent alongside the richer Thanksgiving elements. The red fruit and baking spice flavors you’ll find in our 2015 Napa Valley Pinot Noir complement the earthiness and savory, seasonal freshness this salad offers. The wine has lightly gripping, finessed tannins that won’t clash with the greens or beets, and will smooth out further when the cheese hits the palate.

Roasted Brussels sprouts and prosciutto is a timeless fall side we love, especially with Thanksgiving dinner! We serve it up with our 2015 Reserve Zinfandel as it boasts notes of roasted meats, cocoa powder, toasted cedar and juicy black cherries that perfectly balance the fatty, salty, and savory character of the Brussels sprouts and prosciutto. The wine’s bright acid balances the sometimes coarse texture Brussels sprouts display. Our Reserve Zinfandel is also a fabulous pairing with your Thanksgiving ham, if it’s on the menu this year.

The Sweet

Port and Pecan Pie. Need we say more? This delicious duo is certainly one you won’t want to miss this fall. Less is more with this pair, as our port is a decadent wine bursting with rich flavors of chocolate covered cherries, caramel, and stewed dates. Too much can overwhelm, sure, but sips of port between bites of pecan pie create an unbeatable after-dinner symphony of sweetness.

Late Harvest Chardonnay pairs perfectly with apple pie and vanilla ice cream. The citrusy, honeyed sweetness of the wine has delightful acidity that cuts through the ice cream’s fat and complements the apple pie’s cinnamon sugar taste. Alternatively if you’re a crisp kind of person, take a look at this recipe.

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