Our Easter Menu

Springtime in the Napa Valley is nothing short of blissful. The bright yellow mustard flowers sways peacefully in the wind, rainfall cleans the air and gives way to blue skies and beautiful sunshine. Buds on the vines burst, promising to birth clusters of grapes that will one day evolve into Napa Valley’s storied fine wine that so many love.

The spring brings Easter as well—a holiday that begs for delicious dishes that celebrate the season. Easter is a wonderful family holiday; filled with fun activities like dying eggs, egg hunts, filling Easter baskets, and devouring chocolate bunnies. We have compiled a list of classic family-friendly dishes, along with the (adults-only) wines we’ll serve with them.

Lamb + Rutherford Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is Lamb’s classic partner. We love this crown roast—it is perfect for special occasions—it is always a crowd pleaser, and tastes as delicious as it looks! The herbal rub on the lamb harmonizes beautifully with the savory spice and bright fruit flavors in our Rutherford Reserve Cabernet, and the tender meat smooths out the wine’s tannins.

4-Cheese Scalloped Potatoes + Blanc de Blancs

Two words: cheesy potatoes. This elegant take on a kid-friendly classic is perfect for Easter. Serve it warm alongside meat, veggies, or more scalloped potatoes, we won’t judge. Between bites, we are going to sip a glass of our 2013 Blanc de Blancs to offset some of the fat and to add a little freshness to the cheesy goodness.

Glazed Ham + Lewis Vineyard Reserve Pinot Noir

Easter and Ham go hand in hand. Our pick to pair with a classic ham is our Lewis Vineyard Reserve Pinot. The wine’s fruit components and mild tannins accent the meat’s sweet succulence, while the lively acid neatly balances the fat in the meat.

Ricotta, ham, and scallion tart + Brut Rosé

Easter brunch? No sweat. Pop this tart in the oven and you’re in business! This delicious, savory tart is perfectly accented by the fruity spice and zesty citrus flavors that our Brut Rosé brings to the palate. And really, what is brunch without the bubbles?

Broccoli salad + Napa Valley Pinot Noir

A seasonal classic that we couldn’t leave off this list, Broccoli salad is a must at most Easter celebrations. We like this recipe because it is light, fresh, and healthy, and as easy as it is delicious. Sip a glass of our Napa Valley Pinot Noir with this and you’ll have found earthy-flavors-and-balanced-acidity heaven!

Rainbow roasted carrots + Zinfandel

Rainbow carrots are beautiful and perfect for the holiday where pastels are celebrated more than ever. Put some color onto your plate with this pretty dish—another easy and yummy hack to a healthier Easter. Hearty roasted veggies pair very well with our Reserve Zinfandel due to its delightful cracked black pepper flavors and savory smoke notes.

Carrot cake + late harvest chardonnay

This carrot cake is sure to please more than just a certain bunny this holiday. We’re sure that same bunny is bringing chocolate eggs and jelly beans galore, but if these treats don’t satisfy your sweet tooth—a slice of this delicious, spiced cake and a sip of our Late Harvest Chardonnay will do the trick.

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