Todd’s Take: Harvest 2017

One Wild Ride

Every harvest in the Napa Valley is unique and brings its own set of challenges, and 2017 was no exception. It will be an unforgettable vintage thanks to record rainfall in the growing season, record heat in the months before and during harvest, and unprecedented destruction brought on by October’s wildfires. Click the video below to hear General Manager and Winemaker Todd Graff‘s take on this year’s harvest rollercoaster.

Frank Family’s Harvest 2017 Timeline

  • August 15: Harvest begins by picking white grapes for sparkling wines
  • Early September: Started picking pinot noir grapes
  • Mid-September: Started picking red grapes
  • October 7: 80% done with harvest
  • October 8: Fires broke out
  • November 3: Last day!
We have to thank every member of our production crew; from the vineyard workers, to the winemaking staff and everyone in between. We could never make great wine without you.
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