Five Wines Perfect For Thanksgiving

Whether this year’s celebration is big or small, in-person or virtual, it shouldn’t go unaccompanied by great wine! To help ease your decision making, we’ve harvested a list of our favorite Frank Family wines to pair with a variety of dishes that might land on your Thanksgiving table this year.

So eat up, drink up, and raise a glass as we enter the season of thanks. After all… “Wine is meant to be with food – that’s the point of it!” – Julia Child

2016 Rouge

Bright red fruit notes and dazzling acidity make our sparkling Rouge the perfect complement to savory Thanksgiving dishes such as stuffed mushrooms and other classics like green bean casserole or cranberry sauce.

2018 Lewis Vineyard Chardonnay

Creamy notes of lemon curd balanced with bracing acidity and rich texture make this the ideal wine to pair with buttery mashed potatoes or Grandma’s homemade turkey gravy.

2018 Lewis Vineyard Pinot Noir

Luscious aromas of dark red cherry, cracked pepper and dried herb make our Reserve Pinot Noir the most versatile bottle to grace your table. From harvest salads to roasted turkey, stuffing, and creamy pumpkin pie – the notes in this bottle will hum perfectly with every bite on your plate.

2017 Napa Valley Zinfandel

If you skip the traditional roasted turkey and go for a daring barbecued or deep fried version of the Thanksgiving staple, then this wine is for you. Our Napa Valley Zinfandel is bursting with flavors of blackberry and black cherry that are accentuated by sprinkles of cinnamon and cracked black pepper. This wine will add a delicate smokey element to your unconventional turkey or any bites of dark meat. It will also pair splendidly with any dish crafted with cinnamon, clove, or allspice.

2017 RHF Cabernet Sauvignon

For the bold red wine lovers in the family, this wine is for you. This rich, savory wine leads to hints of dark chocolate and ripe red currant that will pair exceptionally with everything from turkey and gravy to warm cherry pie for dessert.