The Final Stage of Winemaking: Bottling

This time of year, the bottling line is certainly getting its workout in. As hundreds of bottles take a ride on the conveyor belt, it has given us a chance to reflect on the significant role bottling actually plays in the winemaking process.

While the bottling line may not evoke the same sense of romanticism that say harvest or barrel aging do, its precise execution is imperative to capturing the essence of the particular vintage, grape varietal, and the winemaker’s style. It is the final stage of the winemaking process and the last time our winemaking team can touch the wine before sending it out into the world.

A winemaker’s months of dedicated work of attaining certain aromas, flavors, and textures in a wine can be completely undone if proper care is not taken when bottling. The proper equipment and professional crew are necessary to maintain quality control of our precious cargo. Thankfully our production crew is very well trained on our in-house bottling line and they treat every stage of the winemaking process with equal importance.

From vine to bottle, we nurture our wine through it all. It’s rewarding to see our hard work come to fruition as each bottle undergoes a rite of passage on the bottling line and out into the world.