The Next Generation of Frank Family: Stella Frank

As Frank Family Vineyards enters our 30th chapter at the winery, we are delighted to introduce a new face, Rich and Leslie Frank’s granddaughter, Stella Frank. A current senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Stella is not only looking forward to her upcoming college graduation but also becoming Frank Family’s new brand ambassador starting this spring. Get to know her with this fun Q&A!

What are your goals after graduation?

I currently study Strategic Communication and Digital Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have absolutely adored my past four years in Madison, but am looking forward to moving to New York City after graduation. I love fashion and beauty and hope to find a career that can combine my educational background in marketing and communications with those interests.

What are some of your favorite memories from visiting Napa Valley growing up?

My childhood is marked with so many amazing memories spent exploring Winston Hill Vineyard. I will always remember the thrill of my grandpa taking me and my brother, Jeremy, through the vineyards, explaining how wine was made and letting us try the grapes before they were picked. I still love walking through the vineyard and seeing the incredible views of Napa Valley from the very top of Winston Hill.

What is your favorite Frank Family wine?

My favorite Frank Family wine is the Carneros Chardonnay! It’s so versatile; it is perfect for any season and pairs so well with any food. My personal favorite way to enjoy the Chardonnay is with a nice crudités platter.

All of our vineyards are named after the Frank Family grandchildren, including S&J Vineyard which has been a part of Frank Family since 2000. What is it like having a vineyard in Napa Valley named after you and your brother, Jeremy? Is it your favorite vineyard in our portfolio?

What stands out so much about Frank Family is the immense importance placed on family and tradition, which is echoed in the eponym of the names of the vineyards and the winery itself. To me, S&J Vineyard reaffirms the strong family aspect of our winery. And as much as I love the name, I am much more of a white wine fanatic, so Lewis Vineyard wins out as my favorite vineyard in the portfolio.

What lessons have you learned from Rich and Leslie about business and life as a whole?

Both Leslie and my grandpa have taught me the importance of hard work and dedication through all aspects of life. My grandpa jumps into any opportunity with no hesitation, and instead with a genuine excitement to learn, grow, and succeed, which I have seen him do so well in his career change from television to wine. Similarly, Leslie has shown me the endless opportunities for creativity in any industry. I’m so lucky to have them both to look up to professionally and personally.

What are you looking forward to most as Frank Family’s new brand ambassador?

I am so excited to bring a younger perspective to Frank Family, as well as engage more with our members and fans online, at the winery, and at restaurants that carry our wines across the country.

Both your dad and grandpa have had very successful careers in the Hollywood entertainment industry. What parallels do you see between wine and entertainment?

Both wine and entertainment are connectors for people; they are social activities that people can partake in, discuss, and enjoy together. My dad and grandpa both understand the importance of this, which is visible in their careers and personal lives.

We love to give back to our community at Frank Family. What is a charity or cause that is near and dear to you?

I Have A Dream Foundation LA is an organization I have been involved in all throughout my life. Through various forms of support and programs, I Have A Dream LA gives people from low-income communities equal opportunities to receive a college degree. Being able to see the firsthand changes and impact the program has had on so many people’s lives is incredible.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I am a huge sushi fan and even run a sushi rating account on Instagram with one of my best friends.