Woman in Wine: Patti Bashor

Patti Bashor is coming up on her 16th year as Controller for Frank Family Vineyards. Her role has her dealing with just about every aspect of the business from the grapes and vineyards to wine sales and inventory management. Patti sees it all from beginning to end. She describes it as “being in the trenches of the company.” It’s an incredibly intricate position and Patti is the perfect person to lead our Accounting team. Take a moment to read about one of our key “behind the scenes” employees who ensures the daily functions of the winery run smoothly.  

1. How would you describe Frank Family Vineyards?  

It’s truly a beautiful place to work. Sometimes I take it for granted because I see it every day, but when the sun shines in a different way or when the leaves start changing in the fall, I’m reminded just how lucky I am to call this winery my second home.  

 2. What do you like most about working at Frank Family Vineyards?  

I can do accounting at many other types of businesses but what keeps me here is that I feel valued and rewarded. I really enjoy the people I work with and we’ve all become a family.  

 3. What have you gained from working at Frank Family Vineyards? 

I’ve learned how to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve been given many new opportunities to do new things, sometimes things I don’t necessarily want to do. But, I’m grateful for the confidence this job has given me to try them any ways! 

 4. Any fun facts about yourself that you can share? 

I taught myself how to crochet as child and have enjoyed doing it ever since. I’ve made blankets, dolls, and I even croqueted my Christmas sweater last year for our annual holiday party in the office.  

 5. What’s your favorite Frank Family wine to drink this spring 

There are so many amazing wines to choose from, but I gravitate towards our Lewis Reserve Pinot Noir, especially in the Spring time. It’s lighter and a little more fruit forward than a Cabernet and makes a delicious pairing for my scallop potato recipe that I make for Easter dinner every year.