Woman in Wine: Jennifer Higgins

This March, Jennifer Higgins is embarking on 11 years with Frank Family Vineyards. As our Retail Operations Administrative Assistant, Jen serves as the liaison between our Retail Sales department and Accounting, managing compliance, website orders, and customer service. Jen’s day to day involves so many people across multiple departments. If you joined us for winery gatherings in the past, chances are you’ve met Jen. You can usually find her pouring wine behind the bar or greeting guests with a glass of bubbles upon arrival at many of our events throughout the year. Find out more about Jen below and make sure to say hello next time you see her!

FF: What are three words that describe Frank Family Vineyards?

JH: Family, loyalty, and reliable

FF: What is your proudest moment at Frank Family Vineyards?

JH: I don’t know if I have one particular moment that stands out. I am really proud that I contribute to so many different departments from Wine Club and Events to Accounting to the Tasting Room. It makes me feel like an integral part of Frank Family’s success.

FF: How do you define success?

JH: I think success is having pride in your job and feeling good about the work you do.

FF: What inspires you?

JH: My family and creating and listening to music. I sing in a barbershop quartet called Sweet Adeline’s and it’s a constant source of creative inspiration for me.

FF: What’s your favorite Frank Family wine to drink this spring?

JH: The Lewis Reserve Chardonnay is my favorite wine all year round. It’s just so yummy. I especially love sharing a bottle with my mother, who only drinks white wine. We’ve shared many laughs and many tears over this wine throughout the years.