Celebrate the Barbie Movie with Rosé Sorbet Floats

The Barbie movie premieres on Friday, July 21 and Frank Family is feeling tickled pink to celebrate its anticipated release. In its honor, we concocted a vibrant and playful recipe that combines Frank Family’s elegant and refreshing Leslie Rosé with mouthwatering strawberry sorbet. Incorporate a sorbet from the store or opt to make your own at home following this recipe. Garnish with fresh cut strawberries or substitute for raspberries. These whimsical floats are so easy to make and will have you channelling your inner Barbie doll!


6 ozFrank Family Leslie Rosé
2 scoopsStrawberry sorbet
To tasteFresh strawberries, sliced


  1. Add two scoops of sorbet to a wine glass.
  2. Pour Leslie Rosé into the wine glass until it completely covers the sorbet.
  3. Add slices of fresh strawberry to the glass for garnish.
  4. Serve immediately and enjoy!