Three Ways to Set Your Holiday Table

As we have dipped and weaved our way through 2020, we’ve mastered the skill of adaptation, but one thing remains the same – the family table. The family table is a gathering place and a centerpiece of many homes. It is where we dine, drink, converse, and make lasting memories with loved ones.

There are many choices when it comes to setting your holiday table and we’re here to help ease the decision making. We’ve teamed up with Theoni Collection’s Event Designer, Joli DeVore, to help guide you on how to set your holiday table so you, too, can feel the magic of the holidays even in 2020.

Joli DeVore, Event Designer, Theoni Collection
Theoni Collection’s Modern Holiday Table

Modern Table Setting

Joli describes a modern table as one with clean lines, neutral colors and an overall low-profile feel. “When building your table, it is important to start from the ground up,” she says. For this particular table, that means beginning with placing the chargers, the largest plate on the table, first. The dinner plate can be a great way to play with color. On this modern table, Joli has chosen to give a nod to the traditional Christmas colors by using a subtle sage green as her accent color. As she continues to build the table scape, the sage green is a recurring theme with the florals and candles. Lastly, Joli reminds us to think about your table in layers. It is important to get height on the table which can be achieved through candelabras, florals and many other ways… but most importantly have fun with it!

Modern Place Setting

Pro tip: Napkins are a great way to add creativity to your table! You can tie them in a knot, fold them under the dinner plate or use a napkin holder. They are even a great vessle for a place card if you need to assign seating for your guests.

Theoni Collection’s Traditional Holiday Table

Traditional Table Setting

The traditional table setting should feel classic, chic and simple. On this table, Joli has chosen an elegant, emerald green dinner plate paired with a matching napkin to represent the holiday colors and to brighten up the table. She continues these accent colors throughout the table by sprinkling individual pieces such as the water drinking goblet and votives which gives the table an overall, cohesive feel. This lovely glass-top table features candles, which Joli says are a nice touch and will shift the mood of your dinner. However, if it comes down to it and you can only choose two things for your table, it should be the charger and the glassware.

Traditional Place Setting

Pro tip: The dessert spoon and butter knife will always be placed at the top of the dinner plate and face to the left. This way they can easily be pulled down to the right to match the other knives and spoons in the place setting.

Theoni Collection’s Rustic Holiday Table

Rustic Table Setting

Joli’s rustic table setting is a daring sight to see. Bright red accents allow no mistaking that this is a table set and ready for a holiday celebration. The florals and napkins on this table speak as a wonderful example of how to set a table and bring in color without the use of linen such as a table runner or placemats. Joli also plays with texture on this table setting, sharing that stacking patterned dinner plates and salad bowls with an accompanying bread plate can spice up the look of a table.

Rustic Table Setting

Pro tip: Design your glassware grouping like a diamond. At the bottom is your water glass, the top is champagne, left is red wine and right is white wine. Cheers!

Of course, no holiday table is complete without your favorite Frank Family wines. Browse our online wine shop to bring us home for the holidays! If you missed the live virtual event, be sure to watch the recording below.