Why is Premiere Napa Valley the Best Week in Napa?

Known as the best week in Napa, Premiere Napa Valley is here again! Hosted by the Napa Valley Vintners, Premiere is Napa’s most famous auction, made up of one-of-a-kind wines. Each winemaker crafts their best and most special wines for Premiere Napa Valley in lot sizes ranging from 60 to 24 bottles. Premiere wines are among the rarest wines in the world with quantities of 240 bottles or fewer each signed by the winemaker. For collectors, this is a unique opportunity to source wines for their cellar that noone else will have. 

Among the Premiere Napa Valley lots this year will be barrel selections from the 2021 Napa Valley vintage. Top wine trade and media members from around the world are here this week to be the first to taste this incredible vintage and partake in some exciting seminars, events, and tastings. Frank Family Winemaker Todd Graff will be pouring samples of our lot #46 at the Premiere Napa Valley Grand Tasting and at the Rutherford Dust Society Tasting on Friday, February 24 before bidding concludes at the live auction event on Saturday, February 25.

We are eager to see how we perform and how our fellow vintners do as well. Proceeds from the auction go towards the event’s organizing body, the Napa Valley Vintners, who directs the funds to promote, protect, and enhance the Napa Valley appellation for future generations.

Frank Family’s 2023 PNV Auction Lot

Our Winston Hill Heart Block is the best expression of our land and Winston Hill Vineyard, and is symbolic of what the Rutherford nested appellation has to offer. Frank Family’s Founder, Rich Frank, acquired what would become our estate vineyard in 1990, falling in love with a great old house that came with an original 10 acres of vines planted among the 107-acre lot. Southwest-facing and known to be one of the great vineyards in Rutherford, Rich soon learned what he had, and what he could do with it. Three decades later, the unique terroir of our site has been captured time and time again, especially in the remarkable 2021 vintage.

Rich and Leslie Frank at Premiere Napa Valley 2022