What’s in Bloom at Benjamin Ranch this Summer?

Frank Family Vineyards is a proud steward of 450 acres of land throughout Napa Valley. More than three quarters of our acreage is planted to grape vines, with the remaining land dedicated to untouched terrain and cultivated garden spaces. In fact, our Benjamin Ranch along the valley floor in Rutherford, is home to an organic garden which provides the fruit, vegetables, and herbs that inspire many of the food and wine pairings we have come to love.

The Benjamin Garden is in full plant 365 days a year, always a bona fide display of beauty and flavor. Everything in the garden is organic and started from seed from our gardener, Shelley Kusch’s greenhouse. This time of year, it’s easy to find strawberries, tomatoes, beans, onions, squash, potatoes, and lots of fresh herbs. Brilliant edible flowers also fill the garden boxes, attracting buzzing bees, an integral part of the garden’s ecosystem.

“This is one very happy garden that is always producing yummy things,” says Shelley. “Working with the Franks is such a pleasure as they enjoy what is available – the essence of sustainable gardening.”

As in our vineyards, sustainability is always top of mind as we love and care for our gardens. The gardens are a core component of our commitment to green practices which is why we always plant what’s fresh and in season. Our gardens are a haven of a wide range of plants which provide a habitat for animals, beneficial insects, and birds. We are also extremely water-wise, only utilizing run-off rainwater collected in the Benjamin reservoir on property to meet the garden’s needs.

Before we know it, Fall will be here, and a new cornucopia of color will abound. We have many artichokes, peas, and fava beans in our future!