Citrus Season at Winston Hill

Frank Family sustainably farms 450 acres of land throughout Napa Valley. More than three quarters of our acreage is planted to grape vines on four estate vineyards, with the remaining land dedicated to untouched terrain and cultivated garden spaces. Frank Family’s iconic Winston Hill Vineyard, rising 500 feet above the valley floor in Rutherford, is also home to an organic garden which provides the fruit, vegetables, and herbs that inspire many of the recipes and pairings we love most. 

“We have the utmost respect for our land,” said Leslie Frank. “We are so grateful to live in a beautiful place like Napa that lends itself to growing virtually anything in our own backyards – our fruit, our vegetables, and our grapes.” 

Winston Hill garden is in full bloom 365 days a year, always a bona fide display of beauty and flavor. Everything in the garden is organic and started from seed, including nearly 50 different varieties of tomatoes along with peppers, cucumbers, herbs, and most of all, citrus. We all wait with great anticipation for winter’s colorful citrus to arrive around the beginning of each new year. Even though it’s common to think of citrus as summer fruit, winter and early spring is when our groundskeeper harvests the bulk of our oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits at Winston Hill. 

As bright yellow, orange, and green fruit weigh down the branches in the Winston Hill Garden this time of year, we invite you to join us for a dip into the wonderful world of California citrus. 

Pink Grapefruit 

Has a thick rind and an assertive sweet, tart, and bitter flavor profile. They grow in cluster-like bunches, hence their name “grapefruit”, and are best used in dressings, cocktails, and even desserts despite lacking the sweetness of many of its citrus cousins. 

Navel Orange 

A winter fruit with thick, bright orange skin and a sweet, juicy flesh. When properly tree- ripened, they make for the best peeling fruit but can also be used in cooking in salads, desserts, and sauces. 

Mexican Lime 

Also called Key Limes, it is a hybrid citrus fruit known for its sweet and tart flavor. It is green when picked but becomes yellow when ripe and is best used for desserts, marinades, and margaritas. 

Meyer Lemon 

A thin-skinned lemon with a bit of orange in its heritage – it’s believed to be a cross between a traditional lemon and a mandarin orange. Compared to a traditional lemon, its peel is deeper yellow in color has a delicate, floral sweetness. Meyer lemons hit the mainstream when Martha Stewart featured them as an ingredient in several recipes in the early 2000s. Today, they are considered a specialty item and can be up to twice the price of regular lemons (but so worth it).