Frank Family’s Steps Towards Sustainability

Join us in celebrating Earth Day on April 22 as we demonstrate our support for environmental protection and remind ourselves to be mindful of the impact we have on our planet. Discover the steps Frank Family has taken in the past 25 years towards sustainability and raise a glass to Mother Nature with us, today and every day!

We are sustainably certified.

In 2015, we achieved a milestone in sustainability when our vineyard practices were officially certified as Napa Green for both land and winery. This county-wide certification program provides third-party verification of our winery’s commitment to continuous improvement in the adoption and implementation of sustainable winegrowing practices.

We use eco-friendly packaging.

We have made many improvements to our wine bottle packaging in the past 25 years to reflect our commitment to sustainability. One of our major improvements was the elimination of capsules, the foil sleeves on the top of wine bottles, from 2/3 of our wine collections. Capsules do not affect the quality of wine and only serve a decorative purpose. We have done away with capsules on most of our Reserve and all our sparkling wine bottles for many reasons. Aesthetically, we prefer the exposed cork look of our wines. But most importantly, we want to do our part to help eliminate the accumulation of waste.

We are environmentally-conscious grape growers.

Throughout the year, our vineyard team takes important steps to preserve the natural beauty of our 380 acres of planted vineyards and nearly 450 acres of land across Napa Valley. We employ drip irrigation to conserve water use in the vineyard. Our vineyards, including a small lake at Benjamin Vineyard, provide natural habitats for a diverse collection of beneficial insects and birds that prey on harmful pests. After each harvest, we plant cover crops that improve the soil health and bring nutrients back to the vines. Lastly, we never burn our winter prunings but rather chip the canes to reduce our use of fossil fuels.  

We work with our hands.

It is certainly more labor intensive, but Frank Family is proud that most of our viticultural and winemaking practices are carried out by hand. Our vineyard team hand prunes the vines in the winter, removes excess leaves and grape clusters by hand during the growing season, and hand picks and hand sorts our grapes at harvest time. In the cellar, 100% of our sparkling wine is riddled by hand.

As we look to the future, we will continue to improve our sustainable practices. For us, the quality of our wine is as important as taking care of the environment, and all the steps we take toward sustainability help ensure Frank Family’s legacy will continue for generations to come.