Employee Spotlight: Salvador Lopez

At Frank Family Vineyards, our tasting room staff is part of our extended family, who will make you feel like a member too. They are always happy to pour tastes of our small-production bottles or a library wine from the cellar for an old or new friend (you’ll instantly be one). One Wine Educator in particular who truly puts an emphasis on you, wine, and fun is Salvador “Sal” Lopez. A Napa Valley native, Sal grew up with ties to the wine industry, watching his father provide for the family as a dedicated vineyard worker. Sal always knew the wine industry was his calling in life too but was ensure where exactly his path in wine would lead him. Turns out, when you’re surrounded by the finest wine country hospitality your whole life, those traits tend to rub off on you. Sal joined the Frank Family hospitality team in 2017 and has been sharing his passion for wine and love of service with our guests ever since. You’ll be well taken care of in Sal’s hands!

1. How do you like to turn an average wine tasting into a special experience for your guests?

I believe it all starts by treating guests the way they want to be treated, not the way I want to be treated! I feel that every group of guests has a different dynamic and as a host you have to adapt to every group’s needs to ensure they have a fantastic experience.

2. What is your favorite Frank Family wine and food pairing?

My favorite wine and food pairing is our Chiles Valley Zinfandel with BBQ ribs, smoked brisket or anything with grill marks! The ripe dark fruit and spicy notes in Zinfandel make it a perfect pairing for BBQ.

3. What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

Many people know that I’m a new dad, so when I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my baby boy and wife. I was lucky enough to be home with them for over two months during the first Covid-19 shutdown. During this time, I also took up cooking as a hobby.

4. What is your best wine serving tip?

Always drink your best bottle of wine first!