Employee Spotlight: Mike Freitas

Mike worked in distribution, sales, and marketing in the beverage industry for 15 years before he found his way into the Frank Family Tasting Room. Ten years later, Mike still finds daily joy in sharing our wines and story with each visitor to the winery. Not only is a tasting with Mike incredibly insightful from his extensive wine knowledge, but he keeps it intimate and relaxed, encouraging guests to take their time, ask questions, and to truly focus on the wine. “My job is simply to ensure that your experience exceeds expectations,” says Mike. Thank you, Mike for exceeding our expectations for ten years and counting.  

What is your favorite Frank Family wine to enjoy this spring?  

My favorite wine for spring is our beautifully crisp sparkling Blanc de Blancs. I love pairing it with a spicy jambalaya.  

What has working at Frank Family Vineyards taught you?  

Frank Family Vineyards, and how we approach winemaking and the hospitality experience, has taught me that we all need to be comfortable in who we are and to not try to be what we are not.

With all your experience with caring for and serving wine, what is your pro tip?  

Patience is key – do not rush through a glass or a bottle of wine. The beauty of the story a wine tells is how time changes the experience.  

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?  

Everyone knows that I am a basketball fanatic. When I’m not at work, you can find me watching basketball of all levels and coaching or running basketball camps. 

What is a fun fact you can share with us? 

I am a middle child…does that explain a little about who I am?