Questions About Membership & Subscriptions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Frank Family wine club and monthly subscriptions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have. | 707-942-2314

About Membership

  • How do I join the Frank Family Wine Club?

    Becoming a Frank Family Winc Club member is simple and can be done online or over the phone. Please browse our wine club offerings here or feel free to call our Wine Club Manager, Jennifer Higgins at 707-942-2314 to discuss your options via phone.

  • What are benefits of membership?

    • Savings on all wine club allocations + option to customize (excluding Bronze level and Will-Call members) and add to your shipments

    • Savings on wine purchases made throughout the year

    • Four complimentary Estate and Craftsman House tastings per year by advance reservation

    • 50% Savings on elevated tasting experiences up to a party of four by advance reservation

    • Invitations and special member pricing on exclusive winery events, tastings, and dinners at the winery and around the country

    • 50% Savings on ground shipping for all club allocations

  • Is there a membership fee?

    No, there is no cost to join the Frank Family wine club and there is no annual membership fee once enrolled.

  • I would like to pick up my wine. Is that an option?

    Yes! Members have the option to ship their club allocation directly to their door or pick up at the winery. We offer two Club Release Days a year to give our Will-Call members an opportunity to taste through their club selections and to pick up at the winery. To join as a Will-Call member, please call us at 707-942-2314.

  • What Is your cancelation policy?

    After receiving your first two shipments, you may cancel your membership without penalty by providing a written notice to two weeks prior to the shipment date. For additional information regarding our billing and cancelation policy, please review our terms and conditions.

Club Allocations

  • How often will I receive my club allocation?

    You will receive two wine club allocations per year, once in late March and once in late October. This is a total of one case of wine annually for Bronze and Winston Hill members, two cases of wine annually for Silver members, and four cases of wine annually for Gold members.

  • Can I customize the wines in my allocation?

    Yes! We are happy to offer customizable club allocations for our Silver, Gold, and Winston Hill club members. We just require that you order a minimum number of bottles to meet your club level requirement (12 and 24 bottles respectively). Please note, all customizable allocations must ship and are not currently eligible for Will-Call pickup.

  • Can I add wines to my allocation?

    Yes! We are happy to add wines to your club allocation at no additional shipping cost. You will receive a confirmation email before each shipment with a deadline for any additions you would like to make. Simply email or call us for assistance with adding on to your club allocation or make edits in your online account.

  • Can I reorder wines from my allocation if I enjoyed them?

    Yes! One of the many benefits of wine club membership is the exclusive opportunity to acquire wines before they become available to the public. Immediately following wine club allocation periods, there will be an opportunity to place reorders. Due to the small production of many of our wines, quantities are limited and therefore reorders may not always be guaranteed. Please call the wine club team to inquire about specific wine availability.

  • If I'm a Will-Call member, how long do I have to pick up my allocation?

    Will-Call allocations are held at the winery for 60 days. If your allocation has not been claimed after 60 days, it will be shipped to the billing address on file for a flat rate. We encourage Will-Call members to pick up wine allocations duing our biannual Release Day, a club-exlcusive tasting event held at the winery each spring and fall.

Monthly Subscriptions

  • What are the benefits of my subscription service?

    Through our monthly subscription program, we are making our wines simpler to receive and easier to enjoy. Along with the obvious benefit of keeping your wine cellar fully stocked, each 3, 6, or 12-bottle package includes 15% savings plus $10 flat rate shipping. Additionally, subscribers are given access to quarterly guided virtual tastings and seasonal recipes.

  • Can I customize the wines in my shipment each month?

    Yes! Those who enroll in Frank Family’s Custom Subscription will have the freedom to swap out the wines in their 3 or 6 bottle shipment each month. While the wines in our other subscription shipments are predetermined, we are happy to offer five enticing collections to ensure you receive the wine styles you prefer.

  • When will I receive my monthly wine delivery?

    Subscriptions are shipped the first or second week of each month. Once shipped, tracking will be provided via email. Please note, all wine shipments require an adult signature of someone 21 years or older at the time of delivery. We recommend shipments to be sent to a business address if possible.

  • Can I gift a monthly subscription?

    Yes! We offer the ability to give the gift that keeps on giving. Our gift subscription is active for one full year and includes 3 bottles every quarter, 12 bottles total. Upon signup, the gift recipient name, email, and mailing address is needed and our team will handle the rest. Your recipient will be notified ahead of each shipment to select their wines. Gift subscriptions can be submitted online here.

  • What is your cancelation policy?

    We understand if you need a break or wish to skip a month. You can cancel your automatic subscription at any time with no hassle, fees, or order minimums. Simply email us at or call 707-942-2314 before the end of the current month, and we will put your account on hold or cancel your subscription. Unfortunately, any subcription order that has already been processed cannot be canceled.

Shipping Details

  • Can you ship to my state?

    Each state has different laws and restrictions regarding alcohol sales. Current regulations prevent us from shipping to addresses in the following states:  Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah, and Wyoming.

  • How is my wine allocation shipped?

    We have two shipping locations (one in Napa and one in Missouri) which means members in most cities receive their wines in 2-3 days via UPS ground shipping. We have strategically chosen to ship club allocations in the spring and fall when the weather is mild and does not require the need for expedited shipping or ice packs to ensure the quality of the wine.

  • Does someone have to be available to sign for my wine delivery?

    Yes, someone 21 years or older must be present to sign for all wine shipments. Shipping to a business address is encouraged, though not required. You may also provide a local UPS store address to use and make arrangements for shipments to be received there on your behalf. Please note that we cannot ship to PO Boxes.

  • What happens if my shipment is returned?

    The carrier will make three delivery attempts before returning your wines to us. If a shipment is returned, we will contact you to schedule a new delivery date.