The Benjamin Vineyard is located east of Conn Creek Road in the heart of the Rutherford AVA. Purchased in 2012, the 87-acre parcel was formerly known as the Wood’s Ranch and belonged to Frank “Laurie” Wood, whose family had farmed the property for three generations. Today, it's named for Rich’s youngest grandson—part of the Frank family's third generation.

The large majority of the 70 planted acres are dedicated to Cabernet Sauvignon. The vineyard’s location on the valley floor exposes it to long hours of sunshine, and cool breezy nights, allowing for slow and steady grape maturation and producing incredibly balanced wines.

An arial view of rows of grape vines at the Benjamin Vineyard

Benjamin Vineyard is composed of gravelly loam soil as a result of sediment from the Conn Creek and Napa Rivers, which flowed through the region thousands of years ago. Through site specific vineyard management, several clonal selections are matched with the appropriate rootstocks, specifically 110R, 420A and 3309.

A hand checks the progress of growing grapes

Where it Begins

With more than 380 acres of the finest vineyards across the best AVA's within Napa Valley, we know location makes a difference. Frank Family's vineyards have become an important part of our family's story, not only for the grapes they produce, but for their namesakes—our grandchildren.